San Antonio Area CFC

 San Antonio Area CFC (#0852):                                             Serving: Bandera, Bexar, Comal, Guadalupe, Kerr, Kendall, and Medina Counties

The San Antonio area campaign is made up of 171 local organizations with over 65,000 military and federal employees. 
In 2015, your generous contributions totaled just over $3.128 million, keeping San Antonio one of the largest CFC campaign on the planet!! 
Thanks to all who helped orchestrate unit campaigns, leaders who promoted and encouraged giving in the workplace, and most
importantly... to all who contributed to make a difference in this community, nation-wide, and throughout the world

Campaign Report
(week of 23 Sep 

Fundraising References

AFI 36-3101

AR 600-29

DoD 503-501

C.F.R. 5 Part 950

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The 2016 San Antonio CFC has officially begun (1 Sept - 15 Dec)

Check with your unit project officer for campaign materials and pledge instructions


**Campaign Supplies**
2016 San Antonio CFC campaign supplies are available for pick-up.  Pledge forms, charity
brochures, turn-in forms, posters, etc have been pre-packed for all participationg units, and are available at
the United Way at 700 South Alamo.  Please contact your assigned loaned executive for any additional details.

**Two Electronic Charity Search Tool Options:**
(.pdf version of paper charity brochure also below in Multimedia section)

San Antonio Local (short list)

This on-line database is identical to the local paper charity brochure, and you can review 2,775 local San Antonio and Nat'l/Int'l charities by name, category, fundraising rates, etc...

Universal Giving (Long List)

This expanded search tool allows donors to look for an
additional 17k approved local charities from all other
participating CFC campaign areas outside of San Antonio.




                                                         **On-Line Pledge Options:**

For those employees who's payroll is serviced through either DFAS or Employee Express, you have the option to
make your payroll deduction pledge electronically.

  Military/Civilian DoD personnel can make payroll deduction pledges directly from myPay.
      - Click the "Pledge myPay" button above to take you right to the DFAS website. 
      - Need help?  click
here, or talk with your unit project officer. 
                                The two (2) numbers you'll need to know are:
                                1.  San Antonio Campaign ID: 0852
                                2.  Your unit CFC Account #: 
find it here  (used to fill in the "command/unit name" field)


      Eligible federal personnel can also give on-line through EEX.     (FAA, SSA, GSA, DOI, EEOC, NCUA)
    - Click the "Pledge EEX" button above to take you right to the Employee Express website.
                      - The dropdown menus guide you through the process.



Contact the CFC Office at 352-7140 or email at if you have any questions.



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San Antonio Area CFC's Campaign Totals
So far we’ve received donations of $162,464 or 5% of our goal of $3,300,000. Thank you for your generous contribution!
$162,464 or 5%
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